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Forsaken Lands II and Sci-Fi Cargo Tiles now available!

Another Gen Con has come and gone, and with it the debut of my two newest products! Forsaken Lands II is another genre-neutral map designed to be at home in a futuristic, modern, or even medieval fantasy setting, while the Sci-Fi Cargo Tiles are firmly in the sci-fi camp, allowing players to customize existing maps or create all-new encounter locations. Buy them now in the map store!


Forsaken Lands II is coming soon! Pre-order on Kickstarter for free shipping!

My Kickstarter funding drive for Mass Transit II was such a huge success that I'm doing it again for the sequel to my Forsaken Lands poster! Forsaken Lands II will feature an arid Badlands on one side, and waterfall-carved Deep Caverns on the other. Like its predecessor, this set is designed to be genre-neutral and applicable to fantasy, sci-fi, and even modern game settings. (Though it includes a removable Dragon's Hoard tile for more fantasy flavor.) It will go on sale on August 5th at Gen Con, and then later on this website. Those who pre-order through Kickstarter will, if the goal is met, get free shipping on their maps and a link to a free PDF copy of the maps.


Mass Transit II now available! Buy it in the Map Store!

My Mass Transit II poster maps have returned from the printer, and I couldn't be happier with the print quality! All of those who supported the project through Kickstarter have been sent their rewards, so now it's time to make the poster available to everyone. Click the map store link at the left to get yours!


Pre-order drive underway for Mass Transit II! Free shipping to all backers!

I recently launched a Kickstarter-based pre-order funding drive for my next poster map, Mass Transit II! It's a sequel to my original Mass Transit poster, and is designed to match up with the Offworld Shipping Center seamlessly in several ways. Pre-orders have been strong, and the funding drive has nearly met the goal, but I still need your help to ensure that this poster makes it to print! Pre-order your copy through this link, and if we meet the funding goal I will personally pay the shipping cost to get your printed copy of the map delivered to you.

There are other rewards as well, for higher levels of support, and anyone who backs the project will get access to a PDF copy of the maps! The sooner the goal is reached, the sooner I can place the order with my printer and the sooner everyone will get their rewards! Please pledge your support right away!

Oh, and the cool think about using Kickstarter: if the goal isn't met by midnight on June 8th, no one pays anything!


Posters will soon be available in stores! Tell your FLGS!

I've signed a distribution agreement with Alliance, the leading distributor of hobby games products, that will make my poster maps available in stores very soon! They'll be listed starting in Game Trade Magazine #123. Please mention this to your Friendly Local Game Store and ask them to keep a few of each poster on the shelves; the more people that see and purchase my product, the more I can afford to produce in the future and the longer I'll stay in business! The


Talking about maps on the Order 66 Podcast.

I spent a couple of hours chatting with GM Dave and GM Chris about my work and all things related to Star Wars mapmaking on Episode #98 of the Order 66 podcast--the first, best, and only podcast dedicated to Star Wars Saga Edition roleplaying. We had an absolute blast with a lot of laughter! You can find the Order 66 podcast on iTunes, or at Check it out!


Minis Mayham, 1 Year Anniversary Show.

I returned to the Minis Mayham [sic] podcast to spend some more time chatting with GM Brev and fellow guests Gary Sarli and Sterling Hershey! Put a bunch of dedicated geeks on a party line, and the good times shall roll! Search for Minis Mayham (not Mayhem) Episode #31 on iTunes, or find it at


Win maps in the Order 66 Encounter Design Contest!

I sent some maps to the guys at the Order 66 podcast, and they developed a contest to determine who gets 'em. Just design a Star Wars Saga Edition encounter based on either side of my Forsaken Lands poster! Among the possible prizes: each of my Maps of Mastery products and a signed print of the Millennium Falcon deck plans! Contest details can be found here. The contest ends on March 17, 2010.

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