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News Archive 2009    


Poster #2, "Forsaken Lands" now available!

My second independent poster map, featuring the Swamp Caves and Desert Sanctum, is now available for purchase! Check it out in the Map Store!


Inverviewed on "Minis Mayham" Podcast.

I was interviewed by GM Brev and GM Teny for Episode #22 of the Minis Mayham [sic] podcast! We talked all about the Star Wars miniatures game, my work for Wizards of the Coast, and my mapmaking process in general. Much mirth and great fun was shared by all! Search for Minis Mayham (not Mayhem) on iTunes, or find it at


More maps added to the galleries.

I've added one or more new maps to each of the galleries (sci-fi, fantasy, and modern). Some of these were on display at my art show table at Gen Con, but most haven't been seen since their first appearance in Dungeon or Star Wars Gamer magazines. My map of Boba Fett's Slave I has never been seen before, in fact, as that particular vessel was omitted from the Star Wars Gamer article on bounty hunter ships.


Map store now integrated with!

In order to streamline the map purchasing process (and avoid paying unnecessary extra fees to eBay), I've implemented a new storefront page right here on this site. Just click the Map Store link in the index to check it out! The eBay store is still set up and functional so that people can find the maps and tile sets there as well, but you no longer have to go to eBay and then to PayPal to purchase your maps; the new storefront links directly to PayPal for a safe, secure transaction that bypasses eBay completely.

I would like to note, as well, that you don't need to set up a PayPal account to purchase the maps; you can pay with a credit card through the PayPal-based shopping cart setup without signing up as a PayPal member. Very convenient!


Map store now open!

After a few days of preparation, the Maps of Mastery map store is now open! Click on the link in the site index to the left to check it out. The two debut products include the 'Exodus-Class Heavy Courier Ship / Offworld Shipping Center' poster featured on the front page of this site, and my first set of 12 original terrain tiles. If these sell well, I will be releasing a new double-sided poster and a new set of terrain cards--hopefully around October 2009. If those make a profit, they will be followed by yet another set in December, and so on for as long as the store remains profitable.


Home from Gen Con!

Gen Con 2009 was an amazing experience for me in every way. I'm astounded by the number of amazing people I met over the course of four days. Visiting with old friends and making new acquaintances is a tremendously rewarding experience, and the show was a huge success for me financially as well. Many of my startup expenses were covered by healthy debut map sales, and I was asked to become involved in a cool new project for a publisher I haven't worked with before. Very exciting!

At my art show table, I displayed an early look at the next poster map on my agenda: a miniatures-scale swamp map inspired by the planet Dagobah from Star Wars. The feedback from fans regarding my new poster maps and this sneak preview was tremendously encouraging!


New website goes live!

Welcome to the Maps of Mastery domain and a whole new look for my little corner of the Internet. In just a couple of days, my new poster maps and 12 terrain tiles will go on sale at Gen Con. Look for me in the art show if you happen to be in Indianapolis!

If you can't make it to the convention, don't worry! A new online map store will be added as soon as I return from Gen Con...probably around August 17th.

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