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2011 News Archive    


Map store restocked; PDFs coming soon!

After being out of stock for the better part of a year, Mass Transit I is back, thanks to the overwhelming support of the backers of Mass Transit III and the Surveillance Station tiles. After some delay to ensure that the backers' copies went out first, all three of these products are now available in the Maps of Mastery map store!

Additionally, I'm getting ready to begin selling electronic copies of my maps for customers to use in online gaming. Maps of Mastery PDFs are officially "coming soon"!


Another Gen Con in the books.

This year we debuted Mass Transit III and the Surveillance Station map tiles to the world, with great success. Special thanks are due to the Kickstarter backers who set new records in their support of this project. It was great to see so many familiar faces at the show, and greet a whole bunch of new friends and supporters. The response to the new stuff was terrific, but the reaction to news of my next big sci-fi release was, if anything, even stronger. "Distant Outposts" is going to be a lot of work, but it seems to be a much anticipated endeavor.

As for the ENnies: I did not win any awards, but it was a great honor nevertheless to present them. Listing myself twice among the nominees got a chuckle from the audience, prompting the MC to explain that they asked me to present the award before they found out I was entering it. All in all, a very fun evening.


West to be a guest presenter at the 2011 ENnies!

I'm honored to announce that I've been invited to be a guest presenter at the 2011 ENnie Awards Ceremony at Gen Con this August! I'll be presenting the award for Best Cartography. Of course, I hope to be in the running for the same award, so this could get really interesting if any of the products I worked on this year get nominated. Wish me luck!


Deep Vistas and Fall of the Heretic Queen are here!

The final Deep Vistas Kickstarter rewards have gone out to backers, and the maps will soon be coming to this website. The maps are also available through and Additionally, my first full-length adventure module, "Fall of the Heretic Queen," is coming soon as a exclusive!


Deep Vistas now available for pre-order!

For the first time ever, I've prepared 6 new poster maps to launch at once! Am I insane? Undoubtedly, but the artwork is finished and now just needs your help to see print! These three double-sided 22 by 34 inch posters are based around a fantasy adventure campaign set underground, and those who pledge their support at higher levels can even get a copy of my playable game notes! Pre-order now, at Kickstarter and help me make them a reality!

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